Friday, October 28, 2022

It's Been a Minute

I recently received an email from a reader making note of my absence from posting. My web browser landing pages set to these Musings, so I am constantly made well-aware of the stale post. Rest assured reader, I am still here. The break has been by design due to a busy schedule, and a lack of inspiration. 

For those wondering, the shooting, cigar, beer, whiskey, and travel activities have not ceased. To illustrate, since my last post on April 10, 2022, I've actually participated in 10 local monthly IDPA matches. I do plan to go back to some match write-ups in the future as an expansion of the brief notes I make for my own benefit.

There have been some 42 different cigars enjoyed in that time too. I opted to not take notes, even for the new or limited releases. Many of those cigars were obviously enjoyed with good bourbon or craft beer. This is a good place to mention that many of those smokes, and other subjects, are illustrated on my Instagram feed.

Speaking of whiskey, my spreadsheet shows I've added 26 whiskeys, mostly bourbons, to my stock since April. That number shocks me a bit -- hopefully my wife isn't reading this. Although she is well aware of the new shelf in the dining room. There are still half a dozen I need to open.

The above statements reveal my OCD, or nerd factor, around the logging and journaling I do across my interests. 

Speaking of travel, we've been to Montana, and to Central Europe for a great Danube River cruise. And, once fall arrived, Hokies football has added several weekend trips to the schedule. 

Wait, I forget where I was going with all this.

Chat soon!. . . 

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