Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Rocky Patel Conviction Sweepstakes Winner!

This past summer I entered the Rocky Patel Conviction Sweepstakes. I submitted my and promptly forgot about it. Then in August I received a direct message on my Instagram account that I had won the Grand Prize. My first reaction was "What sort of scam is this asking for my mailing address?" I bit of research later, and a memory refresh, I realized it was for real.

It took nearly two months for the package arrive. Inside was a large leather bound travel case, complete with an Envoy lighter, a promotional cutter, two logo rocks glasses, and cigar travel trays. The case also has space for bottle of whiskey. I quickly realized the heavy glass Luminoso ashtray was missing. Frankly, that was the piece of the prize I was most excited about. I messaged the company and they let me know the oversight would soon be corrected. 

And it was, in spades! When the ashtray arrived, the package included a few other goodies. By way of apology they also included a leather cigar case, a Poseidon triple cutter, an Artisan lighter, and another Envoy lighter.

The sweepstakes was part of the promotion of the new Rocky Patel Conviction cigar. That is a cigar I'd love to try. Though, even as a fan of Rocky Patel, at $100 a pop it's highly unlikely. Maybe they'll have another contest!


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