Who's Doing the Musing?

Me in brief: Husband. Father. Roman Catholic. Patriot. Shooting Enthusiast. Craft Beer Fan. Sipper of Whiskey. Smoker of Cigars.

Written by an enthusiast, making no claims to be an expert, this blog serves first as a journal, for my benefit, of some of the simple pleasures of life. There will be posts about trips to the range, beers and whiskies enjoyed, fine cigars smoked, and the cherished time spent with family. If you find these matters interesting or useful, all the better.

I find there's hardly a better way to unwind than spending an hour or two with a fine cigar, contemplating the days past or days to come. Whether with friends or in solitude, the aromas, flavors, history, and craftsmanship of hand-crafted cigars offers enjoyment that is hard to find in other pastimes.

More often than not, those moments are accompanied by a good craft beer or bourbon. The talent and dedication that goes into crafting fine beer and whiskey is analguous to that which goes into crafting the cigar. Perhaps that's why they seem to go so well together. I'll explore some of those pairings in this forum.

I enjoy shooting both for fun and for self defense preparation. I participate in matches, training classes, and just-for-fun range trips as frequently as my schedule will allow.

These Musings will also touch on 2nd Amendment and Freedom of Religion issues, and related subjects of importance to a free society, or at least to me. I am a proud citizen of the United States of America and I have exactly zero tolerance for those who feel otherwise.

I am also blessed with a beautiful, loving wife and a wonderful son. There will be postings about family matters too.



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    1. Not me. Our son and my money went to Tech. We remain fans and season ticket holders.

  2. Saw your posting about your match visit to Cavalier. I wondered what part of Central Virginia you are in? Henrico resident and Cavalier member, myself.

    1. I'm near Fredericksburg. Hope to run into you some day.


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