Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Wine and Tapas Bar Coming to Fredericksburg

I was reminded of this news from last week's Free Lance-Star when reading the recent news about Capital Ale House. The owners of Kybecca have plans to open a Wine and Tapas bar in downtown Fredericksburg. Kybecca currently has two stores in the area offering small-batch wines, craft beers and cheeses. The Plank Road store is also one of the meeting locations for the FABTS group. From the Free Lance-Star article:
Customers will be able to buy wine and beer from the shop and drink it at the bar for a service charge. The Snyders will also offer about 50 wines by the glass. There'll be a selection of tapas, which are small dishes and appetizers. There may at times be live music.

and . . .

Kyle Snyder said he hopes the wine and tapas bar will be open by the summer. The hours could be limited at first, but he said they'll eventually be open for lunch and through the evening.

Tapas are typically small appetizer-sized dishes served on small plates. Tapa means "lid" or "cover" in Spanish so the food name comes from the small plates of food being set on top of the drinks. This makes the food easy to eat while standing. Typically Tapas restaurants serve the dishes paired with wine. I am of the opinion, as are I suspect most readers of this blog, that good beer presents a much more satisfying pairing option. Tapas dishes are varied; beef, pork, chicken, seafood, cheeses, vegetables, breads. The wide range of styles and flavors offered by craft beer presents many options for pairing. Many of the standard tapas dishes are very spicy also making them more suited to pairing with beer than wine. This article at offers numerous examples of tapas and beer combinations.

Although the beverage focus would appear to be on wine, Kybecca does offer an impressive array of craft beers in both of their shops. The article mentions being able to buy beer from the shop to have at the tapas bar. I'd be willing to bet that some good beers will make it to the bar menu as well. A few spicy tapas dishes with a couple of good craft beers on the outdoor patio seems a pleasant way to pass a Summer afternoon.

Update, Jan 16: Construction progress can be followed at the Kybecca blog.

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