Friday, July 25, 2008

Changes at Old Dominion Brewing

Via his "Yours For Good Fermentables" blog Tom Cizauskas brings word of changes at Old Dominion Brewing:
Confirmed by two sources: Scott Zetterstrom, Vice-President of Brewing Operations for Coastal/Dominion Brewing of Annapolis Md/Ashburn, Va. has left that position.

He will be working at another mid-Atlantic brewery.

Zetterstrom began with Dominion Brewing in the 1990s, hired by John Mallett, one of the original brewers there. Scott eventually rose to head the brewing staff. His background was mechanical engineering; he brought that expertise to the brewery and to other local breweries as a much sought after consultant.

With Scott's departure, those brewers and employees from the original ownership of Dominion number only a few.

Tom's post is here.

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