Monday, July 21, 2008

Steaks with Dunkelweizen and Spice Marinade

We enjoy trying out new recipes and this weekend we tried a new marinade to prepare some steaks for grilling. This marinade recipe is from Lucy Saunders' book "Grilling With Beer". The marinade is made with fennel, mustard, and celery seeds, red pepper, garlic, salt, chipotle pepper, brown sugar, and dunkelweizen beer. We used Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel, or Dark Hefeweizen. While Colleen prepared with marinade the house was filled with the aroma of the spices. Our son declared "It smells like barbecue." We let NY strip steaks marinate most of the day before throwing them on the gill. I also slow grilled some Vidalia onions with butter and parmesan cheese. Add in some corn on the cob and we had a super Summer time dinner in the works!

Per the author's suggestion, Colleen held a bit of the marinade aside and thickened it for use when the steaks were plated. We all enjoyed the flavors added by the marinade quite a bit. Colleen and I spooned the reduced sauce over our steaks, while my son found the steaks spicy enough on their own. There's an interesting multi-faceted profile to the marinade. The initial flavors are fennel and sweet, brown sugar. The flavor of the meat is not hindered at all. Then you are hit by the pepper and chipotle spiciness in a flavorful burst.

I decided to serve Clipper City Red Sky at Night Saison with the meal. The Saison stood up very well to the spices on the meat and provided an excellent palate refresher. Even the mild flavors of the buttery, sweet onions were able to be enjoyed next to the spice of the beef. The Dunkelweizen and Spice Marinade was declared a "keeper" and we'll be enjoying it again, soon.

See Lucy Saunders' site at for more information on this book.

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