Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tír Na Nóg - Raleigh

After the afternoon session of the World Beer Fest in Raleigh it was time to find dinner. Via Twitter, I had told about an Irish pub adjacent to Moore Square. Ray and I walked back down to Moore Square and soon found Tír Na Nóg. We were quickly seated and began perusing the diverse beer menu. There are quite a few craft breweries featured on the menu. A number of North Carolina breweries are represented in addition other breweries from around the world, with the majority being from the U.S. The pub also offers as selection of "black and tan" combos.

The food offerings range from typical pub fare to traditional Irish dishes. Ray and I both opted for the Fish & Chips. The platter arrived with two fish planks were best described as "huge". The fish had a crisp batter coating over the light, flaky interior. The fries that accompanied the meals reminded me of the thin, and somewhat greasy, "boardwalk fries." The meal was very tasty and quite filling. I enjoyed my fish and chips with copious amounts of malt vinegar. A couple of guys with British-accent sat at a table next to us and ordered the Bangers and Mash. I overheard them telling the server the food was excellent, so I'd take that as another positive review of the food at this pub.

I was glad we decided to eat at Tír Na Nóg. It made for a pleasant evening enjoying good food and a few more local beers. Our server, Larry, was a British transplant of 16 years who hadn't lost his accent. He was attentive and prompt with beer and water refills, throughout our extended stay. When we first arrived we had the dining room to ourselves, but the establishment filled as the evening went by. I suspect a large number of folks were arriving as they left the evening session at WBF.

The scene on the street was markedly different when we left then it was when we arrived. The evening session of the beer festival had let out, and there was a bit of a carnival atmosphere. With my belly full of good food and beer, it was an appropriate ending to an excellent World Beer Festival weekend. Time now to start planning for the next one.

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