Friday, May 27, 2011

Port City Optimal Wit

Next up in our series on Port City Brewing is Optimal Wit. After enjoying the brewery's Essential Pale Ale, I was looking forward to see what else the folks at Virginia's newest brewery were producing.

Port City Optimal Wit is unfiltered and pours a cloudy, straw color with a thin white head. The strong aroma is full of peppery spices. The flavor follows the distinctive aroma. There's a nice blend of spices; pepper, orange zest, cloves, with a small hint of lemon tartness. As it warms a bit a honey scent becomes more evident within the spicy nose. The beer is moderately effervescent, and retains these delicate bubbles to the end. It finishes clean with little aftertaste. The persistent thin head is a bit sticky and leaves lacing behind as you roll the glass.

Admittedly, the wit-style beers are not ones I often choose. However, immediately after pouring an Optimal Wit for Colleen, and stealing a sniff and a sip, I decided I needed to pour one for myself. Another well-done beer from Port City.

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