Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blue & Gray Oktoberfest

Family commitments precluded me getting to the Blue & Gray Oktoberfest celebration this year. More than the missing the festivities, I was worried that the brewery's popular Oktoberfest beer would be sold out before I could try this year's batch. Friday evening we decided on dinner at Lee's Retreat and to my delight the Oktoberfest was on tap and still pouring.

Blue & Gray Oktoberfest pours a clear, dark amber color. The faint bread and caramel aroma has a hint of sweetness. There is a thin and short lived head. The flavor is toasted bread with a healthy dose of bitter hops. This year's Oktoberfest has more bitterness than I recall in previous years, which tended to be more malt-focused. A mild bitterness lingers in finish.

My first pint was enjoyed with the pub's wings. Our party was undecided so we ordered both the Chicken Stonewall Wings and the Spicy Blue Buffalo Wings. Indecision is not always a bad thing as we enjoyed both. I enjoyed another glass of Blue & Gray Oktoberfest with my often-ordered favorite, the Cheddar & Jalapeño burger. I think the little extra hop bitterness of the beer gave it the edge to stand up the the spiciness of the food.

I regret not bringing a growler with me to dinner so I could bring some Oktoberfest home. This is one of Blue & Gray's most popular beers, and for good reason.

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