Sunday, April 29, 2012


A group of local blogging and shooting enthusiasts got together Saturday morning at a nearby indoor range. I had a free morning so I joined them for some fun conversation and shooting. It was great to finally put faces on some folks from my blog roll (and add a couple more blogs to the list.) MSgt B from My Muse Shanked Me and Broken Andy, who blogs at In Search of the Tempetuous Sea, are frequent commenters on these Musings. We were also joined by CTone (Legion's Fate), AGirl (A Girl and Her Gun), and Nancy R (Excels at Nothing). Unfortunately Nancy, and Sweet Daughter, couldn't join us for the shooting part this time but it was great they came out to meet everyone.

We arrived about an hour before the range opened and spent some time shooting the breeze in the parking lot. As we saw a line beginning to form at the door, we headed over and took our place in line. The range fills up fast on Saturday morning. We got checked in and took our positions at three adjoining lanes. This was the first time in probably two years that I've shot indoors. Although I prefer shooting outdoors, it was good to experience the added distraction of the indoor range noise again. I did opt for the static ear muffs, instead of the electronic ones I usually wear.

I've often said gun people are an exceptionally friendly group. (Not sure why the leftist media can't figure that out.) And this group was no exception. We spent about an hour shooting each others guns and just having a good, and safe, time. It was fun to shoot a couple of new (to me) pistols. Most everyone in the group had previously meet some, or all, of the others. I may have been the only totally new face. But I think we'd all read enough of each others' writings that we were not total strangers.

After shooting we headed out to a local cafe for coffee (but no pie.) More fun conversation followed until we all decided it was time to head home and start on the usual Saturday chores and plans. I think we'll do it again.

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  1. Great meeting you. BTW, the next time the Blue and Grey have a bourbon barrel ale, let me know I'll cruise down there and have a pint with you. Do they sell in growlers or bottles?

    And we'll have to go shooting again some time.

    1. Definitely. Blue & Gray has growlers to go, and a decent restaurant too.

  2. I'm so glad I got a chance to meet you. Maybe next time I'll have a chance to actually talk to everyone a bit more.

    Looking forward to a next time.

    1. I vote for a regular meeting of the Old Dominion Hoplorati!

  3. Yes, a regular meeting! Even if it's not at the range, an afternoon lunch or coffee or something would be great. It was good meeting you on Saturday!


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