Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Range Time: Government "Robbery"

We made it out to the range Monday afternoon. After setting set up a few targets, we enjoyed a good laugh over the "government official" targets.

Enough joking about that, time to shoot. Given the recent rule updates, practice was limited to standing and shooting. The small circles shot at distance really test trigger control and sight alignment, so it was still a beneficial expenditure of ammo, even if there was no "rapid fire" or running. But more important to me than the practice, this was the first time since June that Colleen and I have been to the range together. It was a long overdue excursion.

Did you figure out the laugh over the targets?

Hint: the hair.

Got it?

I guess I should give former former Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner credit for helping me shoot accurately. 

I jest. Really.


  1. You really think it's funny to shoot at pictures of real people (be they government officials or not)? And you tag this under Family? Seriously?

    And a Humor tag doesn't really excuse it.

    1. Unless you're humor-challenged. But, it the real world it's a pretty good bet that if I ever have to defend myself or my family, it won't be from a red circle floating 3 feet off the ground. Family? I sleep better at night knowing my family is capable of defending themselves. Humor? Thank you for providing that.

      And then there's Buddy: http://gabrielpossentishooters.blogspot.com/2012/04/reality-of-defense.html


    2. So you enjoyed a "good laugh" over shooting at "government official" targets. And this is a good thing? Please explain.

  2. FWIW, I've shot at this target too. And he was a real, identified, person.


  3. In the interest of correcting ignorance.....

    It's a Law Enforcement target, used by some of the finest law enforcement agencies of the land. The target in question hasn't been modified from it's original form. Plenty of families join law enforcement or the military and go shooting together. So, there's two things; an occupation that uses the aforementioned targets that practices marksmanship and a family pastime shared amongst family. So, the picture is merely coincidental that it resembles someone else (alive or not). http://lmgtfy.com/?q=SB-4PH+target

    Secondly, plenty of "family" activities involve things that some families may not like and other families may. Frankly, for someone (anyone really) to come into someone else's house and tell the owner of that house what is acceptable or not, is boorish and crude. Seeing how the author took his wife (I'm assuming), that would constitute a family outing. For the sake of clarity, "family" tag doesn't mean whatever you feel like or whatever YOU may find acceptable, it means having familial relation or relativity, which this blog snippet contains.

    Let's review, shall we? It's bad form to come into someone's house (or webpage/blog/whatever) and try to tell them what they can or can't do. It's also bad form to impose on someone else a viewpoint that is contrary to their own. And, finally, it's bad form to espouse a "holier than thou" position and argue from a position of perceived higher moral authority when the object in question is something that you lack fundamental knowledge of or fail to research.

    Hope that helps, enjoy!

  4. I think I'm heading to the range tomorrow. If my printer hadn't run out of ink I was going to make up some Harry Reid and Momjeans targets to take with me.


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