Monday, October 28, 2013

Tab Clearing: For The Love of (Bad) Beer

Like most readers of these Musings, I love a good beer, and many of us will make extra effort for a chance to drink a new or special beer. But other folks are making the news for doing some pretty extreme stupid things for beer, and some bad beer at that.

This good citizen in Memphis was trying to purchase a refreshing 16 ounce Heineken when the hapless clerk over charged him by 1 cent. The green bottled beer fan was so upset at this slight, he called emergency services, twice. His third call to a non-emergency number cost him $250 in bail money. That's not good beer money budgeting.

Six adults and two children escaped a house fire in Columbus, Georgia, but getting out alive was not enough for one resident. The determined drinker went back into the burning house to rescue his beer. I'm sure some readers are thinking about a special bottle or two they might be tempted to save from destruction. Sadly, in this case the man went back inside retrieve a few cans of Bud Light

They say there's no accounting for taste.

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