Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bud Drinkers. Sheesh.

Police in Bluffton, S.C. have released surveillance video of a convenience store break-in. The thief obviously has low standards.
"He made entry through the rear of the building, we believe using a crowbar or sledgehammer, some type of instrument to break through the brick wall," said Beaufort County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Robin McIntosh. 
Once the man got inside the store, he crawled to the front of the store in an attempt not to trigger the motion sensor cameras. That did not work. 
He also didn't get very far in the store. Something spooked him, so he grabbed some Slim Jims and ran out. However, he makes a return and spends some time trying to figure out what kind of beer he wants. He ultimately settles on a $16.99 12-pack of Budweiser.

Breaking through a brick wall for a 12-pack of Bud, that's a pretty low ROI.

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