Thursday, August 7, 2014

Richmond Incentives for Stone Brewing

We've known for awhile that Richmond, VA is on the short list of locations for future Stone Brewing location. This week the Richmond City Council took action to help make that happen.
In a meeting that lasted just a few minutes, the Richmond City Council introduced legislation Tuesday intended to smooth the way for a major craft brewery eyeing Richmond as a location for its East Coast facility. 
The sheer volume of beer that California-based Stone Brewing Co. wants to produce at the prospective facility requires the city to make an exception to its light industrial zoning rules, which limit beer production to 100,000 barrels per year.

This is good knows for the Virginia beer scene, and even though other Virginia cities are reported to be in the running, a Richmond location would suit this beer fan the best.

I don't know exactly what Stone envisions for their East Coast facility, but their West Coast Bistros are beer-tourist destinations, and would certainly be welcome here!

See "Council introduces legislation tied to possible brewery project" for more information.

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