Thursday, September 4, 2014

Higher Stakes Beer Crime

We've seen some interesting beer-related crimes recently, but a robbery at the Minnesota State Fair reaches a new level.
A popular beer booth at the Minnesota State Fair was robbed last Friday night. 
The State Fair Police say the suspect was armed and the victims' hands were bound behind their backs.

The robbery occurred at the Minnesota Craft Beer booth in the Agriculture building. According to State Fair Police Public Information Officer Brooke Blakey, at least two suspects took more than $10,000. Blakey says police believe the victims were able to free themselves and call for help within 10 minutes.

$10,000? That's obviously a popular beer stand.

I am at a loss to explain how the robber was able to pull off the crime. The Minnesota State Fair is a well-known "gun free zone." Firearms have long been expressly prohibited at the fair. Surely, no criminal would ignore a "no guns" sign.

See "Police: Armed Robbers at Minnesota State Fair Flee with $10K" for more.


  1. That would be filed in the "serves you right you anti-gun idiots" file...

    But I'd be curious as to what beers were available.

    1. Agreed, on both. I'd bet that money is based on quantity, not quality!


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