Monday, November 10, 2014

Repurposing the Back Yard

Time passes. Kids grow up.

Around thirteen years ago, we put up this great swing set in the back yard. Our son and his friends spent many joyful days swinging and having adventures in the towers. What boy doesn't enjoy a pirate ship tower complete with ship's wheel and spyglass? Even the dog made many trips up the tower and down the slide. I'll admit to enjoying many relaxing swings myself.

However, other interests attract a growing teenager. (And his 6 foot 2 frame doesn't easily fit up the tower these days.) The swings sat unused for many years, even the dog is too old to climb up the slide tower now. So a few months ago the play set was dismantled and hauled away for use by a younger family. This weekend, that empty space was filled with a fire pit.

Soon the sounds of squeaky swings will be replaced by the sounds of a crackling fire. I am sure many a good craft beer will be enjoyed, by the adults, during the upcoming cool winter evenings.


  1. Sad time when the old swing set has to go. Mine was too rotted to repurpose to another family. And the bolts were too rusted to break free and too much work to just break. So I took a chainsaw to it. My youngest accused me of chainsawing her childhood.

    1. Yea, bittersweet for sure. But, our son is already planning a fire evening with his friends.



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