Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fireside with Wicked Nymph

After getting through some chores around the house Saturday, I made a run up to Adventure Brewing to grab a growler of their Wicked Nymph Imperial Stout. I hadn't had the beer yet, but it seemed a good match for the evening outdoors by the fire we were planning. (Of course I lingered to enjoy a pint of Super Power Pale Ale while I was there.)

The temperature was a mere 28° when I started the fire but I was looking forward to both the fire and the beer so I persevered. I quickly had a small but warming blaze going and poured a couple glasses of the Stout for Colleen and I. A hard growler pour in the dark produced a thin, but short lived head, and released a pleasing roasted aroma. The taste had mild roasted malt and bitter chocolate notes. The ABV is listed at 10.4%, but while slightly warming, did not overwhelm.

Wicked Nymph is enjoyable beer. There's no mistaking it as an Imperial Stout, but it's quite approachable and could be enjoyed by "big beer" fans and the less adventurous alike. I alternated between refilling my glass and feeding the fire, and had a very relaxing time chatting with Colleen. This weekend we're celebrating our son's 18th birthday, and he joined us by the fire for bit, before we headed inside for some late evening birthday cake.


  1. Man! I was disappointed. I misread the title as Fireside with (A) Wicked Nymph, and pictured something altogether different! :-)


    1. That was a popular post, I suspect for that reason.

      Hey, it's SEO. :-)



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