Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday Range Time

A friend sent a text Friday evening inviting me to join him and another friend at the range Saturday morning. My first thought was to decline in order to get some chores done. But I soon came to my senses and agreed to meet them for some early morning shooting fun.

When we arrived, we had the range to ourselves and quickly got to waking the Boy Scouts who were camping across the road. I didn't have anything specific planned to work on, but I did bring the extra mags for my EDC and spent a lot of time shooting it. I was reminded once again just how well the compact Sig P239 "fits" and shoots. It may be a heavy gun, but it's a fine shooter. I think I'll bring it out for to the new Compact Carry Pistol division in IDPA soon.

One of the guys had a FN Five-seven with him and offered to let me shoot it. The natural point of aim for me was high, but once I really concentrated on keeping the front sight down, I was hitting where I aimed. It was a fun gun to shoot and I was happy to get the chance to shoot something new.

We spent some time at the 25 yard line too. I don't do that much, but I've been wanting to refresh my distance shooting. Usually I'll shoot a single mag from the back of the bay, but this time I went through about 50 rounds "stressing" myself. It was stress since there was no way I was seeing the holes in the target at that distance, and relied on "calling the shot" as it went off. Although there were no tight groups, I pleased to keep the shots mostly in or near the A zone.

I fired more rounds this morning than I have in one outing in a long time, at a match or in practice. But it was a blast to enjoy the camaraderie of friends doing something fun, and after a cool, rainy week, the weather couldn't have been nicer. The other two guys headed over to the shotgun range to break some clays, but I opted to go home and tackle the chores, with the cleaning of two guns now added to my list.

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