Friday, March 4, 2016

At the Range, Beating the Snow

This is winter's last hurrah (we hope.) After a few days of nice weather one more snowfall is coming, but we still managed to get out to the range for a bit of shooting on Thursday.

I was looking forward to this week's outing as I just had the factory SIG Night Sights put back on my "usual" gun and wanted to check them out. The other pistols I shoot regularly all have night sights or white dot sights, and I've been noticing those sights were getting easier to see than the fiber optic setup on this gun. I don't think my aging eyes are working as well with the extra thin front sight.

No sooner did we get to the range, I realized I forgot to load the supply box with the staplers into the car. Once again range improvisation came into play — a roll of pasters found in my range bag provide a means to mount the targets.

The "new" sights worked out well, and we had a fun and satisfying couple hours of shooting. Just a little over an hour after we started, there was a distinct drop in the temperature and the sky was turning grey. Indeed, the snow started falling not too long after we arrived home to relax with a post-shooting craft beer, in a fitting logo stein naturally.

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