Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ocelot Albatross IPA

When I scan a beer menu, I typically look for Virginia breweries first. Such was the case when we visited Sedona Tap House last Sunday afternoon and saw a listing for Ocelot Brewing Albatross IPA. I had to admit that I wasn't familiar with that brewery. A quick search from my phone and I learned they were located in Sterling, VA so my decision was made.

Albatross IPA pours a golden-yellow with a thin white head. The aroma has a fresh, tropical citrus aspect. The flavor of the beer follows suit. There's a crisp, bready malt base that gives way to the mildly sweet tropical fruit favors. The finish is dry with some lingering bitterness. I found this to be a refreshing, citrusy, moderately flavored IPA. It merited ordering a second pint to enjoy with my food.

Discovering a new-to-me brewery is always a treat. On their website, Ocelot Brewing claims that the IPA style is their "backbone." They say they will have "a steady stream of rotating hoppy goodness of all colors, gravities, and IBUs." It sounds like I'll have to pay them a visit in the near future!

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