Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lunch Crumbs

I made my (almost) weekly lunchtime run to the indoor range this afternoon. For this week's exercise I did the same 50-round skills drill from Julie Golob that I tried a few weeks ago. This time I did it twice, once at 7 yards, and again at 10. It was satisfying that the only hits that weren't in the body or head -0 zones, were some low head shots. I'll still need to do some work on that shooting low issue when aiming for the head.

Since the drill is quickly run, I had a bit of time left to shoot some more. I did some slow shooting at 15 yards, concentrating on a smooth trigger press and sight alignment. Once that was done I had a lot of brass to pick up. It's easily swept into a pile and scooped into a box. That's a cleanup I prefer to my usual lunch activity of sweeping bread crumbs out of my keyboard when eating at my desk.

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