Sunday, February 5, 2017

School Loans & Liberal Logic

I overheard a young liberal talking about her student loans recently. She was adamant she wasn't going to pay them. Another person who was advising her said "They never go away. Eventually, they will garnish your wages or your tax return."

Her reply was she didn't care. She claimed it wasn't her fault she had school loans. When she took out the loan her mother, who also has unpaid school loans, told her "It wasn't real money."

And this is why we are where we are.


  1. Yep. This is why my daughter doesn't like her own generation. 'Cause STUPID!

    1. Somehow my son ended up with a healthy cynicism. Don't know how that happened. :-) He holds his own against his college peers, and just smiles knowingly when necessary.


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