Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Range Time Break

There are telltale signs that let me know the summer is over and the dreaded cold weather isn't that far off. One such clue is when the backpack blower gets strapped to my back and I start blowing leaves, which occurred this weekend. Another is when I need to put on a jacket when shooting at the indoor range, which also happened this week. (I didn't actually need the jacket outside.)

I missed hitting the range last week, but recouped this week for a quick run. Arriving at the range there was just one other group shooting and I was assigned a lane far from them. This trip I was shooting the full size SIG P320, using the B-34 "fun" targets. I started out with some slow fire at seven yards. Remembering my desire for more strong and week hand shooting, I aimed for the "small man" and score record boxes respectively. In both 10 round runs, I kept all shots to each within the outlines. Given my struggles with WHO and SHO shooting at recent matches, that did make me smile.

Moving the target out to 10, 15 and then 20 yards I went through the next 100 rounds. Mostly shooting slow, I was generally pleased. The sharp black target silhouette probably contributing to my ability to sight in on decent groups at distance. I did observe a tendency to let the front sight drop at the end of a run of a few magazines at a fairly rapid pace. That's something to keep in mind at the end of a long match as well I think.

All good things must come to an end, and much too soon I looked down at only empty ammo trays.

A bittersweet picture.

It was a most fun session, with satisfying results. I've been shooting the Compact P320 of late, so it felt good to use the full size gun for a change.

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