Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Range Trip: "Enhanced Trigger" Edition

I received my P320 Compact back from SIG Sauer last week after having the voluntary upgrade work performed. I was pleased to get the gun back in just one week. Finally getting out to the range on Monday, I was anxious to see if there was any discernible difference with what SIG termed "enhancements in function." In dry fire, the trigger did feel somewhat smoother, with a clean surprise break.

Arriving at the range, I fired off a quick 10 rounds at a seven yard target. Moving the target back to 10 yards, I finished off the box of ammo in short order. The new trigger certainly gives nothing to complain about. The difference is subtle. To me it feels to be the same pull weight, with a very even and cleaner, smooth feel. I intend to send the full size P320 off as soon as my schedule allows.

I had reserved another 150 rounds for my "usual" practice, this time with the full size P320 that I hope to use this weekend for an IDPA match. Putting a new B-34 target on the 10 yard line, I spent a box of ammo shooting slowly at the 3" wide head area. This seemed good practice for the new 4" -0 scoring zone on the IDPA target head. As I noted previously, if only I maintained the same sight patience at the match.

The next 50 rounds was spent shooting 2 - 5 shot groups, from low ready, at a 10 yard IDPA target. Besides the followup shots, the focus was on getting the gun on target quickly. The final 50 rounds was used for another run at the 50 shot Julie Golob drill; a drill I have frustratingly yet to shoot all -0 on. I should try it more often at the start of the session, instead of the last thing when I tend to rush more.

The extra long practice session was fun and I think beneficial. I typically learn something each time I hit the range. Even if I didn't, it's always good fun.


  1. still waiting on email from Sig to ship mine :-(

    1. On the bright side, the way SIG seems to be doing it, once you do send it in, it's only out of your hands for a short time. At least that's my hope since my Full Size 320 goes in this week. :-)



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