Thursday, July 2, 2020

A Micallef Cigar and Amaretto

Relaxing after the morning's IDPA match, we retired to the screen porch for a before dinner libation. I felt the Micallef Grand Bold Maduro calling to me from the humidor. Such a strongly flavored cigar would typically call for a strong bourbon, but the afternoon heat had me desiring something a bit "lighter." Colleen offered a solution with, "I'll have an Amaretto on a rock." That sounded like just the thing.

The Micallef cigar is one I've enjoyed a few times recently. This 7"x50 Churchill would provide a good two hours worth of enjoyment. It features a beautiful, toothy, Ecuadorian wrapper over Nicaraguan binder and filler. This is a full-bodied smoke with complex yet balance notes of toasted nuts, chocolate, wood, and a touch of cedar. 

The last time I enjoyed this cigar was with a sweet stout. The Disaronno Amaretto offered a different sort of sweetness, this time from almond instead of cocoa. Lower in ABV than any Bourbon option, the liquor kept me refreshed throughout the long smoke. With the slow melting ice block keeping the drink cool, it was exceptionally refreshing.

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