Thursday, July 16, 2020

1781 Dopplebock and Two Cigars

Recently I met up with a cigar smoking friend for beers and smokes at the Olde Town Tobacconist outpost at 1781 Brewing. I started my evening with one of my favorite 1781 beers, and one that makes an excellent cigar pairing, the K├Ânig Fruhling Doppelbock. The slightly sweet, caramel and roasted flavors go well with most any cigar.

During a previous visit I had noticed some Tatuaje Avion 13 in the lounge's humidor. It was a cigar I had enjoyed a few months ago, and I was hoping there were still some available. The cigar offers a smooth smoke, with caramel and roasted coffee notes. And the large, Double Perfecto vitola is fun to smoke. 

My friend arrived a little later than I did, and opted to enjoy some food before lighting up. As such, far along in my cigar and beer by the time he lit up. What's a friend to do? Eventually I had no choice but grab another beer and cigar while we visited.

My second cigar of the evening also ended up being of a larger format, the 6" x 56  Las Calaveras Edition Limited 2020 from Crowned Heads. I've been looking forward to trying out the new blend of this annual limited release. I still have a few of the 2019 edition in my humidor, and had smoked one recently, so it was a good chance to compare the two.

The full bodied smoke features sweet, earthy notes and a moderate amount of pepper and spice. I nursed my beer along and smoked the cigar down the warm end. This year's Las Calaveras is a winner. I think I will return to pick up a few more enjoy in the future.

It was a fun evening sitting outside, enjoying some unseasonably pleasant evening weather. Spending a few hours catching up with a friend after months of the Coranadoom lockdown was a welcome respite, and hopefully a foretelling of a further return to normalcy. 

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