Monday, June 19, 2023

Father's Day Padrón and Knob Creek

We had "other than Father's Day" plans for Sunday, scheduled by a group we will travel with this fall. So my main Father's Day treat was had on Saturday. The first order of business for the day though was a visit to the hardware store for some screen door parts and plants to brighten the deck, and the subsequent chores that trip facilitated. It was late afternoon when we settled in to enjoy drinks and conversation.

Side thought: Why do so many organizations think nothing of scheduling non-related events or meetings on Father's Day? To do so on Mother's Day is generally unthinkable.

Colleen asked for an Old Fashioned which I prepared using Four Roses Single Barrel this time. The celebratory cigar had been decided upon in advance -- Padrón Family Reserve No. 45 Maduro. My bourbon selection required careful perusing of the shelves, before I finally picked the Knob Creek 12 Year Bourbon

The Padrón cigar was an indulgence well worth the price of admission. The 6" x 52 Nicaraguan puro features a chocolate brown, toothy wrapper. The cigar has an extreme box-pressed shape with very sharp corners. Even the three bands when removed kept their rectangular shape. This particular stick seemed be a looser pack than usual but the cigar kept a razor sharp burn line and stayed well lit through its entirety. Indeed I enjoyed it right down to the finger-threatening nub, after about 70 minutes of smoking time.

Padrón Family Reserve Maduro is a full-strength, full-bodied cigar. It kicks off with hefty spice, but that's quickly moderated by the rich notes of creamy chocolate, espresso, and caramel sweetness.  My sinuses rarely ever detect the flavors in the retrohale which so many cigar reviewers seem to prize. This was one of the few cigars that I have ever detected any spice in the retrohale. The flavors remain rich and consistent, with that underlying pepper spice remaining, but no bitterness, right to the end. 

The bottle of Knob Creek 12 Year Bourbon was one I happened to see at a VA ABC allocated drop last year. I've enjoyed it often. At 100 proof it's easy to sip and full of bourbon goodness. It certainly made a fitting pairing for the cigar. Rich notes of oak, vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon great the palate. The flavor profile is creamy with little heat and a long mouth coating finish. I found myself taking repeated sips at a quick pace as it was such an enjoyable libation. Of course the cigar was long enough to support a refill of my glass.

Besides the aforementioned Old Fashioned Colleen was enjoying, our celebration included homemade Orange Rosemary Shortbreads. These were one of the treats Colleen prepared for a gathering of friends a couple nights prior. Sadly there were only a couple left to enjoy. The savory citrus delights, traditionally served with afternoon tea, made an exceptional partnership with the bourbon, both served neat and as a cocktail. 

The afternoon weather could not have been anymore pleasant. The temperature in the mid-80's, low humidity, and a slight breeze had us sitting on the deck well past finishing both the cigar and the drinks. Enjoying the late afternoon and evening with a fine cigar, good drink, and the company of the woman who made me a father, was the perfect way to celebrate the occasion.


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