Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Saturday Desserts - Pastry, Bourbon, Cigars

While I was enjoying a day of shooting, Colleen was enjoying her love of cooking and baking at home. Hers is a passion of which I am the grateful beneficiary. The day's project was Cardamom Buns. The pastries are flavored with freshly ground cardamom, cinnamon, dark cocoa, black pepper, and sugar and twirled and swirled into a pinwheel. After dinner we enjoyed them still warm from the oven.

Unsurprisingly, I enjoyed mine with a cigar and bourbon. In actuality, I did finish the pastry before lighting up. The Cardamom Buns had a nice golden glaze over the finely spiced pastry. While enjoying the treats, we both noted that they reminded us of some of the pastries we had enjoyed last fall at cafés in Budapest. A tasty treat that invokes memories of a fun trip brings the pleasure full circle.

The bourbon pour for the trio of desserts was Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series FAE-02. The FAE-02 expression is the fall 2021 release that's part of the distillery's Wood Finishing Series. Spicy oak, caramel, citrus rind, and leather are the predominate notes. When I first opened the bottle in 2021 I thought it a little harsh. However, upon examination a year and a half later, the profile seems a lot more balanced and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Perhaps the sweet pastry, or just a different mood, brightened it up.

The Foundation El Güeqüense Huaco is a cigar I've mentioned very recently. I thought the notes of cocoa, espresso, and creamy chocolate provided a well balanced side to the bourbon, and even a few crumbs of the bun I picked off my plate.

It was an extremely relaxing repast providing refreshment and relaxation after the tiring morning on the range. To my delight, we had another serving heated up and enjoyed after Mass on Sunday with coffee.


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