Monday, June 12, 2023

Opening the 'My Cigar Pack' May Package

A few years ago, I subscribed to the My Cigar Pack monthly shipment. I opted for the full bodied profile selection offered at the time. The subscription makeup was later simplified from three options to two, offering a Mild - Medium choice and a Medium - Full choice for the five cigars sent each month. Initially that was fine as as I enjoy a range from medium to full, depending on the circumstances. After a few months I decided to pause the subscription for a bit and pick it up later. This was for several reasons -- I had an abundance of cigars on hand from many sources, winter was approaching when opportunities for smoking would decrease, and a few of the selections I received had ventured into the mild flavor spectrum, which generally I do not enjoy. After a short time, the subscription faded from my mind.

Fast forward to May of this year. My Cigar Club sent out a reminder that I had a paused subscription, and alerting me that they were changing their backend systems. I would need to resume or cancel the subscription. Now reminded, I opted to resume for a bit to see what new cigars would come. It's always fun to try something new out of the blue.

The May package finally arrived this week and it was opened with much anticipation. The five cigars are sealed in a humidified bag with a Boveda pack, packed in a well cushioned box. The package also included a six page booklet describing the cigars, as well as the selections that were included in other subscription offerings.

The shipment elicited excitement yet some let down. The selection is great and I look forward to enjoying all of them. Sadly three of the five are not new to me, even though they are all cigars I do enjoy. The first one out of the pack was the Crowned Heads Le Carême, a cigar I smoke frequently in a variety of vitolas. Then there's the Crown Heads Las Calaveras LE 2022. I've enjoyed the Las Calaveras series each year when they are released, the 2022 release included. Also included was the Black Works Studio NBK, another one I pick up often. The final two selections, Black Trading Company Santa Muerta and a My Cigar Pack exclusive Quantum Habano are indeed new to my humidor. 

As far as the quality of the cigars included, there is nothing to be disappointed about whatsoever. I can attest from experience that at least three of the smokes are excellent. The value of cigars received exceeds the cost of the subscription easily. My anticipation was in the adventure of something new that I might not pick to try. Of course, that's perhaps not a fair metric on my part given the variety of smokes I regularly seek out. No worries, these will definitely be enjoyed. Now I'll eagerly look forward to what shows up in my mailbox next month.


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