Friday, September 15, 2023

Few Bourbon With Fratello Arlequin

I was surprised to find that I haven't reviewed either part of this pairing previously. Both the Few Bourbon and the Fratello Arlequin have often been featured in my Instagram posts. Time to correct that. 

Fratello Arlequin sports a chocolate brown Mexican San Andrés wrapper leaf over a Ecuardoran binder. The filler tobaccos are from Nicaragua and Peru. This one is a 6 1/4 x 54 Toro. (Every time I type Arlequin, my laptop autocorrects it to harlequin. Arlequin is the Spanish word for harlequin. Autocorrect can be annoying.) The cigar is the last one of a bulk purchase made in February 2022 so is well rested.

The medium bodied cigar gives rich notes of earth and cacao. There's roasted coffee and cinnamon coming through as well. As the cigar warms, the flavors picks up a sweeter, creamy aspect that smooths out the whole profile for a very enjoyable smoke.

Few Bourbon is one that seems to get mixed reviews from bourbon fans. It's a younger whiskey, aged less than four years, so still has a few rough edges, but I enjoy it. It's got bread, corn, and vanilla notes, with a fairly intense pepper and cinnamon spice. There's peppery finish is long lasting. 

Few Bourbon drinks a little hotter than expected from the 100 proof. However, I am not sure that's really a bad thing when pairing with a flavorful cigar.


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