Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Sunday Cocktails and Oliva Serie V Lancero

This edition of "Sunday Cocktails on the Deck" features a twist on a classic drink, and a "classy" version of a favorite cigar. It's no secret that the Old Fashioned is a go-to cocktail for us. It's quick and easy to make, shows off the flavors we love in bourbons and ryes, and is simple to modify for variety. 

This time we employed Bulleit Bourbon, along with the Backstrap syrup from J.H. Bards. And of course the standard Luxardo cherry. For the twist, I added a slice of the bourbon peaches prepared recently. I also substituted 1/2 ounce of the 2 ounces of bourbon with the Bulleit bourbon syrup that the peaches had been soaking in.

The peach influence was minimal but did give the drink a slightly sweet fruit note. The first version I made used only the peach slice without the bourbon substitute. The result told me the peach-flavored bourbon had the bigger affect on the flavor. In any event, the peach slice made a tasty treat at the finish of the drink.

For this afternoon smoke I selected an Oliva Serie V Lancero. I've posted numerous times about the cigar line. It remains a favorite. I've been purchasing more and more lanceros frequently of late. I find them especially enjoyable with morning coffee or afternoon drinks. It's an elegant vitola to the eye and in the hand. The flavors are typically somewhat enhanced. I was once given good-natured ribbing in a cigar lounge for my "girly cigar" by a friend, who later in the evening had selected a lancero as well. "It looked fun," he explained. Yes, it is.


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