Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Bourbon Peaches

It should come as no surprise that random bourbon related recipes show up frequently among my online readings. An article about whiskey peaches showed up recently, on the same day Colleen happened to bring home a batch of fresh peaches from the local farmers market. I decided to claim a few for my own purposes. The directions I found are simple.
Fill containers with pitted, pealed, and slice peaches
Over medium heat, dissolve 1/2 cup of sugar in 1/3 cup water
Remove from heat and whisk 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract and approximately 2 1/2 cups bourbon 
Fill jars with bourbon solution until peaches are covered
Top off with bourbon as needed and refrigerate
The listed amounts were for two 24 ounce containers. I filled two 12 ounce jars using three peaches and halved the recipe using the same relative proportions. I used Bulleit Bourbon and naturally treated myself to a sip or two.

After a few days the peaches were well soaked and very tasty. The now peach flavored bourbon juice was quite good as well. We added the finished peaches to some homemade spiced shortbread with whipped cream. This made an enjoyable dessert.

I am very much looking forward to topping some vanilla ice cream with the bourbon peaches. I also will be trying the peach slices as a garnish in an Old Fashioned. In addition the flavored bourbon in the jar can be used for some flavorful summer drinks. It will make a sweet addition to both a cocktail and fresh brewed ice tea. Of course, the peaches are good by themselves, straight from the jar.


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