Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Regina Cigars Misericordia

We had a long day of traveling to run errands out of town recently. As some consolation we treated ourselves to a large, late lunch before heading home. When I sat down to consider a cigar that evening I was still feeling full, and also tired. As such, I opted to forego the distilled spirit with my smoke. As a flavorful diversion to plain water I opted for a Sparkling Ice Orange Mango sparkling water.

I dug deep in the humidor for the 4+ year old Regina Cigars Miseriacodia. I don't often smoke Connecticut wrapper cigars, but I was in the mood for mildness. I hoped the flavored water would not be overpowering as an accompaniment.

Regina Cigars is a Catholic owned company that uses cigars as a way to support its mission of helping children and orphanages around the world. Most recently they have been providing support to orphanages in Honduras. The cigars are decorated with colorful bands depicting religious artwork. 

The 6 x 50 Misericordia features a light brown Honduran Connecticut wrapper. The rest of the blend is unspecified. What is noted on the website is that the blend was created by Christian Eiroa, owner of C.L.E. and Asylum cigar companies. The mild to medium bodied cigar has creamy sweet notes with a mild citrusy fruit hint. There was just enough citrus bite to keep it interesting. I smoked the cigar down to a short nub before setting it down. I never once touched up or corrected the burn and the smoke never heated up despite my relatively fast smoking. The ash was extremely solid and I only knocked it off after a couple inches out of fear it would drop in my lap or on my book. 

Pairing with the flavored water worked out quite well. The flavor of the beverage is mild and not overly sweet. The citrus aspects of the cigar and beverage complimented each other well.

The large band on this blend features an image from The Return of the Prodigal Son (1773) by Pompeo Batoni. 


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