Friday, September 8, 2023

Gatherings: Casual-Fancy Meals to Share

We are always on the lookout for new recipes and food ideas to try. Colleen is as passionate about cooking and baking as I am about cigars and bourbon. As such, there are stacks of cookbooks, recipes, and food related books throughout our home. My role is mostly that of a consumer, while Colleen manages the preparations as well. There's a new book on the table that I expect will contribute to our dining pleasures.

Gatherings: Casual-Fancy Meals to Share is a new addition to the extensive library from America's Test Kitchen. The premise of the book is simple -- themed meals for entertaining friends in your home, with minimal stress. Easy plans for cocktails and appetizers, through the main course, and on to dessert are illustrated.

The book begins with some basic planning tips before getting into the meat (no pun intended) of the book. Each themed meal is presented in an easy to follow guide along with timings and tips. There's a "game plan" for the preparations which could start a few days in advance, all the way up to the hours before your guests arrive. The chefs include numerous options throughout for streamlining or simplifying the process based the situation.

The individual recipes within each organized meal are easily made on their own as well if you simply want to supplement your own plans. There's a handy listing of the recipes by course; drinks, appetizers, main courses, sides, desserts, etc. You can scan the list to mix and match as your tastes, and pantry, warrant.

The book contains numerous color photographs of the dishes. It's an attractive book and one that would make a welcome gift for both budding cooks and new hosts, as well as experienced chefs looking for inspiration. The book sitting in our living room has attracted the attention of visitors.

The publication date for Gatherings: Casual-Fancy Meals to Share is September 19, 2023. It is available for preorder from America's Test Kitchen as well the usual online book sellers.

A copy of this book was provided at no cost by the publisher. This review presents my opinion and is provided without obligation or compensation.


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