Saturday, April 20, 2024

Before It Turned Cold. Again.

Writing this as I remind myself that Spring in Virginia is schizophrenic -- just when you think it's getting warm, the weather abruptly changes. We went out to dinner with a large group of friends on Thursday evening. Before going out, one of those friends visited for an afternoon drink and smoke. It was near 80° so the screen porch was quite pleasant.

I cracked open the bottle of Bulleit 12 Year Rye I had found earlier in the week. This delightful whiskey requires a more in-depth review, to come later. In summary, the well-aged rye is smooth, with sweet notes of toffee, vanilla, and brown sugar. There's a nice rye spice that does not overwhelm but gives even more character to the drink. 

We enjoyed our cigars and whiskey, before heading out for a long evening with friends, until the "late" hour of 9:45 PM, when somebody noticed that the restaurant closed at 9:00. They were obviously very accommodating.

And now it's back to 60° days and 40° nights for the next week.  


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