Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Sunday Sunset With Crux Du Connoisseur and Chai Tea

After dinner on Sunday I once again aheaded out to the porch for a last bit of relaxation before the Monday grind. I was looking through the humidor for a smaller smoke and came across the Crux Du Connoisseur No. 3. I also grabbed pod of an instant Chai Tea Latte that was in the pantry. I am not sure when or why we picked that up, but it seemed like a promising accompaniment.

The Crux Du Connoisseur No. 3 was included in the January Luxury Cigar Club mailing. The 5 3/4 x 35 panatela is draped in a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. The binder is also Nicaraguan and the filler Honduran. The cap and wrapper are somewhat roughly applied, and I did have to use my PerfecRepair to glue the corner of the wrapper back down after cutting. There were no other issues and that repair was easy and seamless.

The smoke starts off with a surprise kick. Cinnamon hits right off the bat. Sweet caramel and espresso join in the mix very quickly and the profile balances out. This medium to full bodied profile continues through the length of the cigar. In the last inch or so, the espresso begins to dominate the caramel. The cigar was a surprisingly robust and flavorful smoke with a short 45 minute burn time. Before that time was up I was perusing online web sites with an eye to buying more. It's an ideal "quick smoke."

And the instant Chai Tea Latte? It was flavorful, and was a near-perfect pairing. While I was enjoying the beverage and cigar that sun was hitting at a low angle and shining directly on me, heating up the space against the house where I sitting. Despite the reported 60° temperature, I needed neither a jacket nor the heater. A fine way to close out Sunday to say the least.


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