Sunday, April 21, 2024

Black Works Studio Intergalactic and a Night at the Lounge

I wasn't in the mood to sit on the cold porch Friday evening, so I headed over to the Olde Towne Tobacconist outpost at 1781 Brewing. I was hoping the cool-again weather wouldn't keep other folks away. When I arrived the parking lot was busy and I realized there was live music this evening. Unfortunately I wouldn't hear the music from inside the lounge, but again, I wasn't desirous of sitting in the cold.

After filling my mug with 1781's delicious Winter Bock, I went over to the lounge. I grabbed an Intergalactic by Black Works Studio, and picked my seat near the door to see passersby, but close enough to the wood stove to stay warm.

The Black Works Studio Intergalactic selected was a 6 1/4 x 46 Corona Larga. The cigar is rolled with a slightly rounded off foot and a small twisted bun on the head. It features a dark Indonesian Sumatra wrapper. The binder is Ecuadoran Habano, and the filler from Nicaragua. The first few draws bring a big dose of black pepper and cedar that tingles the nose. The flavor picks up cedar and charred wood as it progresses. The Intergalactic is a medium to full bodied smoke. I found that in combination with the malty beer, the profile picks up a creamy aspect, moderating the spiciness of the smoke. 

After a short while I was joined by a gentleman who was enjoying a cigar while his family enjoyed the music and winery side of the venue. Like me, he chose warmth over music. It turns out we had some similar experiences in both our careers and travels. Since I had arrived well before him, I decided to grab another smoke and a refill of my beer as we chatted. It made for an enjoyable evening. 


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