Thursday, April 24, 2008

Local Papers Report on Craft Beer

A couple of articles on craft beers were printed by local papers recently. I always enjoy seeing the press cover craft beer, as opposed to the large corporate breweries. It means education about good beer for more people. On more than one occasion I've had friends tell me they "had no idea" there was more to beer than the macro's they've been drinking until they saw some article in the newspaper.

Yesterday, local writer Greg Kitsock wrote Flavor That Grows on Trees in the Washington Post. This article talks about wood aged beers. Aging beer in used bourbon barrels, or over wood chips is a growing trend. Perhaps this is seen as a way to get new and different strong flavors in face of the current hop shortage. Or perhaps beer drinkers are just looking for something different. Local breweries Old Dominion Brewing and District ChopHouse are among those given mention.

Today's Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star picks up a wire service article entitled Small brewery enjoys not being 'beer factory'. The Straub Brewery in St. Marys, PA is the focus of the article. This family owned brewery was founded in 1872 by German immigrant Peter Straub and survived when many family breweries have not. I found it interesting that Fodor's travel guide listed Straub's "Eternal Tap" as one of the five best places in the country to have a beer. Three taps are available where visitors can pour their own samples. Just be sure to wash your glass afterwards.

Enjoy these two interesting articles and be sure to share them with your non-craft drinking friends. Other articles can be found under the CRAFT BEER IN THE NEWS heading in the sidebar on this page.

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