Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Virginia Wine Experience - The Secret's Out

Another Fredericksburg beer gem has been exposed. Tammy Tuck and Bruce Falconer, who cover craft beer for the Washington City Paper under the alias The Lagerheads, paid a visit to Fredericksburg recently. While here they discovered The Virginia Wine Experience. Despite the name, this shop in downtown Fredericksburg carries an unexpected selection of craft beer. The Lagerheads noted that the shop doesn't promote their beer selection very much. Virginia Wine Experience's proprietor, Edwin Wyant, does post occasional alerts to the FABTS mailing list letting local folks know of special beers he's acquired. He also hosts a beer tasting from time to time. Indeed, I have purchased beers in his store that don't show up at other local shops.

Now the Lagerheads have let the secret out. Read their review at Fredericksburg Find: The Virginia Wine Experience. They've also posted a few photos on the Lagerhead Facebook page.

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