Sunday, April 26, 2020

Things I've Learned During the Pandemic

When trying to cut my own hair, I am not good at mirror movements.

I realized it was moot to wonder when I would have time to smoke all the cigars I bought over the winter.

I do not own sufficient bar tools. I also would appreciate a wider selection of cocktail glassware.

I still have no motivation to clean out the garage, no matter how bored I get.

The local liquor store keeps a case of Tito's Vodka right by the register.

I actually miss seeing people.

As someone who already worked from home, I am essentially locked down in my office.

Many self-proclaimed freedom loving "conservatives" quickly embrace socialism when life gets a little tough.

The 2018 Fratello D.M.V. Virginia and an Old Fashioned makes a perfect before dinner pairing.


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