Friday, October 22, 2021

Still Kicking

Hello friends,

It's been a while since I've posted here. I figured I owed the one or two of you who visit here an update.

No, I haven't succumbed to the Wuhan Flu, nor even had a taste of it. Despite the lack of content the last two months, I'm still enjoying good beer and bourbon, smoking cigars regularly, and we're frequently traveling over long weekends to do fun stuff. Unfortunately, I haven't been shooting as much as I would like, but that should change after college football season.

So why the lack of posts? Honestly, and frankly, I ran out of things to say. Here's a cigar and the beverage I enjoyed with it. Here's a description of the match I shot. It all got repetitive. Let's face it, life has been a bit of a broken record of late.

On top of that, work is busy -- in a good way. But after living on the laptop all day, tapping on it during my relaxation time became a bit uninspiring. 

October 6 marked the 14 year anniversary of these Musings. I'm a bit disappointed that it wasn't celebrated with a post. But, that is what it is. There will be more posts coming at some point, so the blog isn't dead.

Meanwhile, I am still quite active on Instagram. It's quick and easy for me to check in over there. That feed is focused mainly on cigars, craft beer, and bourbon. If that interests you click the link here or the graphic over in the sidebar.

That's the update. It's Friday and I'm headed out for a cigar and a beer or two.



Still enjoying life.

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