Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Choose Responsibility Announces Amethyst Initiative to Encourage Debate on Legal Drinking Age

Choose Responsibility has announced their newest project, the Amethyst Initiative. Working with over a hundred college and university presidents, the goal is to initiate "informed and unimpeded debate" regarding the 21 year old legal drinking age. The Amethyst Initiative declares that the current drinking age statutes, and the 10% highway fund "incentive" that serves to bind states to that age limit, are not working.

I am both disgusted and disheartened by the epidemic binge drinking by America's youth. It's time we educated our youth on how to enjoy alcoholic drinks responsibility. I also believe that the T&A/Frat party image of beer consumption as promulgated by the factory beer producers over the last decade has contributed to the problem. These companies share in the responsibility for the issues we face today. Choose Responsibility proposes viable solutions to the problem of irresponsible alcohol consumption. Part of the solution is education, not simply lowering the LDA. I support the work of Choose Responsibility and encourage my readers to familiarize themselves with the work of the organization.

Five Virginia college presidents have signed the Amethyst Initiative statement: Walter M. Bortz, Hampden-Sydney College; Nancy O. Gray, Hollins University; Robert R. Lindgren, Randolph-Macon College; Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld, Sweet Briar College; Kenneth P. Ruscio, Washington and Lee University. Check out the ever-growing list and see if your local college or university is represented. Is your son or daughter's school on the list? If not, encourage the school to get involved. The safety of our youth depends on it.

The Project Amethyst Statement
Choose Responsibility Web Site

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