Monday, August 25, 2008

Old Dominion Brewpub Closed Permanently

I was alerted to this news via DC-Beer, and it is confirmed by this posting on the Old Dominion Brewing Company website:
Coastal Brewing Company has decided to close the Old Dominion Brewpub in Ashburn, VA, which the company acquired in 2007 with the acquisition of Virginia-based craft brewer Old Dominion Brewing Company.

The brewpub closing is effective August 25, 2008.

The closing of the brewpub will allow Old Dominion Brewing Company to focus on its primary objective - producing authentic, high-quality craft beers and sodas.

This decision will have no impact on other operations of Coastal Brewing Company. Brands under both the Old Dominion and Fordham names will continue to be distributed and marketed along the east coast of the U.S.

We apologize for any convenience [sic] this may cause.

Thank you.

If you have any questions, you may reach us through our website at:

Sad news indeed. The brewpub had been getting excellent reviews from visitors and the "Taste from the Tank" nights were well-attended. The brewpub even underwent renovations recently.

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  1. Slowly but surely Jerry Bailey's OD is being dismantled so Rams Head can try and force the nasty Fordham on you. They are trying to bail on Ashburn altogether, thinking you won't notice any difference when Oak Barrel is brewed in Dover. I'm way done with the whole place.No one has ever been successful in craft beer when all they set out to do was make money. Its not A-B that's wrecking it, its the MD owner.


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