Friday, August 1, 2008

The Session #18 - Happy Anniversary

This month's edition of The Session is hosted by The Barley Blog. Our host Ray explains the topic thusly:
Use this as an excuse to celebrate. Open a limited release anniversary beer from your favorite brewer. Enjoy that special beer you normally only open on your wedding anniversary or birthday. Either way, tell us about it. Why is it a beer you may only drink once a year? Why is that brewery’s annual release the one you selected?

Hmm, tough one. I can't think of a beer we specifically reserve for special occasions. That doesn't mean I don't plan for special beers for special occasions. Planning what beer to serve at a dinner or other function goes hand in hand with planning what food to serve. We often hear talk of special wines being obtained for special occasions. Why should it be any different with beer? The only difference is beer offers more variety and the possibility of better matches with the food courses.

Regular readers will know that besides beer, we're big fans of food around here. And, it should come as no surprise that we give much forethought to the beverage as well as the food. If we're visiting family for a holiday dinner, we'll plan to bring a special beer to go along with the meal. A special dinner at home is no different, much thought goes into exactly beer to be served. The event doesn't have to be a meal, any special time spent with a loved one, is call for a well-thought out beer selection.

That's one of the beautiful things about our favorite beverage, it's perfectly suited for a special occasion, or for just hanging out. Even if it's an informal gathering, it's appropriate to give some thought to the beer and the people who will be drinking it. Doing so shows you care about the people with whom you are sharing a drink or breaking bread. So yes, I'd say we do have special beers for special occasions. It's the thought about the beer and the people who will be drinking it that makes it special.

Be sure to check back at The Barley Blog to see a summary of all contributions to this month's Session.

Update, July 3: Ray has posted the Session summary here.

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