Monday, February 2, 2009

Real News About Tuppers Beers

The Tuppers' website was updated on February 1 with some exciting news. A new Tuppers' beer, and significant progress towards a return of Tuppers' beers. From the website:
New Beer from Tuppers!

No, this isn't the big story you've been waiting for, but it is about the first Tuppers' beer in over a year. On January 31, we traveled to Roseland, Virginia, to the Devils Backbone Brewery to brew a beer with Jason Oliver. We're calling it "Tuppers' Deep Pockets" (because in these hard times we all need deep pockets) and it will be available for a very few special occasions in the DC area. It will also be on tap at Devils Backbone.

We made the beer with a variety of barley malts with just a touch of wheat and what we officially measured out to be "a whole bunch" of hops. Jason drove through last week's ice storm to procure our signature Mount Hood Hops and a local farmer just happened to drop of a variety of local whole hops on the morning we brewed. Much of the hop profile is similar to the original Hop Pocket Ale -- some Cascades, lots of Mount Hoods, and Willamette but we added some Amarillo to put just a bit of a different spin on it. We used the whole flower mix in the whirlpool and we'll dry hop it with Mount Hood hops in the fermenter.

The Tuppers also posted news that they are awaiting Federal approval of licenses that will allow them to contract brew their beers at more than one brewery. They are working with a couple of breweries in order to bring back Tuppers' beers. They expect to be brewing in "about no more than a month or two."

Be sure to visit the Tuppers' Beer news page for all the details, and for photos from the Deep Pockets brewing day.

I was alerted to this news by a posting to DC-Beer.

Update, March 6: Agreement announced.


  1. This is great news and it's nice to see The Devil's Backbone stepping up and making these moves, too. It'll give me more reason to head up there again (though I have to go there to try the RIS, anyways!)

  2. Proteus... you know there's still some imperial stout MUCH closer to you than the brewery.

    Glad to see this, and I can't wait to try it.


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