Friday, July 31, 2009

Holy Brew on Jerry Doyle's Radio Show

We were first introduced to Holy Brew Brewing Company at the Northern Virginia Summer BrewFest in June. On Thursday, Holy Brew founder Scott Kasper was interviewed on the Jerry Doyle show. Scott spoke on a number of topics, including how the name Holy Brew come about, contract brewing, the company's progress so far and plans for the future, and even some thoughts on the recent "beer summit" at the White House.

It's a interesting interview. You can listen here.
(There's a small recording gap near the beginning - hold on, the audio will continue after a short pause.)


  1. David,
    We posted an original and complete copy of the airing (sans 20 second gap in recording). We even used the same filename so you don't need to change your link.

    Thanks for featuring us in your "Musings".

    BTW, we'll be at Bar Louie on Thur, Aug 13th and at the Brew at the Zoo on Thur, Aug 20th.

    Holy Brew Brewing Co.
    Liquid Confession

  2. Just as a follow up to my previous post, last week (Thur, Aug 13) we were invited to Bar Louie for the second round of the Louie Local Brew Contest. We ended up beating Flying Dog and Hook&Ladder. We'll be heading back on Thur, Aug 27th for the Championship round against the round one winner: Dogfish Head.

    Come out to see Holy Brew take on Dogfish Head for the Bar Louie Local Brew Championship!

    $5 Cover includes a free draught beer plus beer tastings and a chance to crown Holy Brew as the Louie Local Brew Champ!

    Thur, Aug 27th
    Bar Louie
    701 7th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20001


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