Friday, July 24, 2009

iPhone apps to help find good beer

I admit it, I'm an unabashed iPhone fan. When I can combine my passion for good beer with that interest, well, it's good. Not too long ago I told you about AleBoards. AleBoards is an application that lets you view the current beer chalkboards at the two Dogfish Head restaurants. This week I learned about two more free apps for the iPhone to assist in your search for good beer.

The first is from COOP Ale Works in Oklahoma City. The COOP Ale Works application will locate all locations serving COOP beers within a 100 mile radius of your current location. In addition, using the iPhone built-in GPS, you can get driving directions to those locations. The application also provides a catalogue of COOP Ale Works beers with descriptions. Download the COOP Ale Works application here.

The next application is from Rattle 'N' Hum Bar in New York City. Rattle 'N' Hum is a craft beer bar with an extensive, and frequently changing beer menu. The Rattle N Hum Mobile App allows you to browse the up-to-date draft, cask, and bottle selections at the bar, complete with prices. In addition, there's a list of upcoming events, along with links to call the bar and to get driving directions. At the time I reviewed the application, Rattle N Hum was listing six different cask beers! (I'm almost salivating on my phone.) You can download the Rattle N Hum Mobile App here.

Neither of these applications are directly useful to me in Fredericksburg, as I'm located too far away from these two establishments. However, the concept of being able to peruse the beer menu before arriving at the pub, or even while I'm at the bar, is very intriguing. Perhaps my local beer bars and/or breweries will soon create similar applications to assist their local fans.


  1. David, their 75min should be a blend. My understanding is the 75min that the brewery makes is only on cask and it carbonated via maple syrup from Sam's family farm. The beers you would find at the Alehouses are the same as the local distributor gets. Reason being is that they aren't owned by Dogfish. Dogfish licenses their name and image I guess. I found this out recently, but it makes sense why they never have any of the specialty releases the brewpub makes. Their food is great, try the Calamari next time your in town.

  2. Thanks for the info Mike.

    Your reply got attached to the wrong post, but happy to get your report! I do look forward to going back soon.


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