Tuesday, July 14, 2009

World Beer Festival Richmond Postponed

I received a call this afternoon from Daniel Bradford of All About Beer magazine letting me know that the Richmond World Beer Fest is unfortunately being postponed until the Spring. The organizers felt that the plans for the new venue were progressing too slowly to be completed in time. Daniel assured me they are still looking forward to putting on the Richmond festival.

All About Beer Magazine sent out this press release this afternoon.
World Beer Festival Richmond Moves to Spring, 2010

Durham, NC — All About Beer Magazine announced today that the World Beer Festival scheduled for August 29 in Richmond will be held instead in the spring of 2010.

The World Beer Festivals have been held annually in Durham, NC for 14 years; Raleigh, NC for five years; and Columbia, SC for one year. Richmond, with its thriving beer community, will be the fourth city to host the event, which brings together several thousand beer lovers for an opportunity to sample a wide range of beers in a safe and enjoyable setting.

“We are committed to putting on a world-class event,” said Daniel Bradford, producer of the festival and publisher of All About Beer Magazine. “Some of the preparations are taking longer than expected, and we need more time to ensure that the World Beer Festival Richmond meets its potential. The Richmond beer community is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and the World Beer Festival has a unique role to play in enhancing that community.”

“The World Beer Festivals are complex events that reflect our mission of educating and entertaining beer drinkers about the beauty and diversity of beer,” said Bradford. “The unique quality of the festivals spring from a commitment to detail, so that everyone attending—the consumers, the brewers, and the volunteers—leaves the festival enriched.”

The date of the spring event will be announced as soon as possible. The World Beer Festival staff will work closely with partners in Richmond to transition to the new date and make certain all the parties have ample time to plan.

Disappointing news to be sure, but we'll look forward to the World Beer Fest coming to Richmond in the Spring of 2010. Meanwhile, I'm making plans to attend WBF Durham in October.


  1. Well I guess a weekend trip to Durham is in order! Thankfully we have family nearby who like a drop of ale, so I will try to coral them into it as well!

  2. David... since a bunch of us clear our schedules and booked hotel rooms and such, there's likely to be a big beer tasting in Richmond that night. You game?


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