Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For the Love of Maple

Recently I came across a press release from Woodchuck Cidery announcing the release of their Spring offering. Woodchuck made use of locally produced maple syrup to create Woodchuck Spring Cider Limited Release. Even though I've had very few ciders the description of the maple syrup and brown sugar flavors was enough to entice me to search it out.

I visited my two local beer shops to no avail. I then used the locater on the Woodchuck web site to search for a source in my area. Nothing! So I wrote the Woodchuck folks and asked. I was pleased to get not one, but two replies with suggestions and I found the cider at the second suggestion. That's customer service!

Upon pouring the bright, straw colored cider I immediately noted the sweet maple aroma. Interesting. My first remark was "Breakfast!" The flavor is very refreshing. The sweet maple syrup and brown sugar flavors do not overpower the cider tartness, but they are definitely the dominant flavors. I'm reminded somewhat of the maple candy, though not as strongly flavored, that we enjoyed during a trip to Vermont many years ago.

Our local distributor is apparently already out of the Woodchuck Spring, so it may be hard to find now, but it's certainly work seeking out.

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