Monday, July 25, 2011

Leviathan IPA, the tiny glass review

I've written frequently about how the proper glassware can enhance our enjoyment of a beer. Sometimes though, we just have to use whatever is at hand. While I always travel with a bottle opener, I don't always pack glassware. Stuck in a hotel for a couple of days, I was limited to the tiny water glass in the room.

I found a nearby beer and wine shop and grabbed a four-pack of Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA. I figured if I was drinking from a sipping-sized glass, I might as well pick a sipping-style beer.

Leviathan Imperil IPA pours a clear orange color with a thin white head that leaves sticky lacing behind. A sweet, syrupy aroma with a hint of citrus greets the nose. The flavor is initially sweet, caramel malt, which is soon overcome by prominent alcohol notes. The beer has a sticky, lingering, bitter finish. The 10% ABV is not masked, but is a pronounced component of the flavor profile.

After a long day of meetings, this big beer from Harpoon Brewery was just the treat with which to relax.

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